APT Hackers Exploit Autodesk 3D Max Software for Industrial Espionage


It’s one thing for APT groups to conduct cyber espionage to meet their own financial objectives. But it’s an entirely different matter when they are used as “hackers for hire” by competing private companies to make away with confidential information.

Bitdefender’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab discovered yet another instance of an espionage attack targeting an unnamed international architectural and video production company that had all the hallmarks of a carefully orchestrated campaign.

“The cybercriminal group infiltrated the company using a tainted and specially crafted plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max,” Bitdefender researchers said in a report released today.

“The investigation also found that the Command and Control infrastructure used by the cybercriminal group to test their malicious payload against the organization’s security solution, is located in South Korea.”

Although there have been previous instances of APT mercenary groups such as Dark Basin and Deceptikons (aka DeathStalker) targeting the financial and legal sector, this is the first time a threat actor has employed the same modus operandi to the real-estate industry.


Last month, a similar campaign — called


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