Microsoft Reveals New Innocent Ways Windows Users Can Get Hacked

Microsoft Reveals New Innocent Ways Windows Users Can Get Hacked 1

Microsoft earlier today released its August 2020 batch of software security updates for all supported versions of its Windows operating systems and other products.

This month’s Patch Tuesday updates address a total of 120 newly discovered software vulnerabilities, of which 17 are critical, and the rest are important in severity.

In a nutshell, your Windows computer can be hacked if you:

  • Play a video file — thanks to flaws in Microsoft Media Foundation and Windows Codecs
  • Listen to audio — thanks to bugs affecting Windows Media Audio Codec
  • Browser a website — thanks to ‘all time buggy’ Internet Explorer
  • Edit an HTML page — thanks to an MSHTML Engine flaw
  • Read a PDF — thanks to a loophole in Microsoft Edge PDF Reader
  • Receive an email message — thanks to yet another bug in Microsoft Outlook

But don’t worry, you don’t need to stop using your computer or without Windows OS on it. All you need to do is click on the Start Menu → open Settings → click Security and Update, and install if any new update is available.

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