The Next Level of Prevention, Detection and Response [New Guide]

Detection and Response

One new security technology we keep hearing about is Extended Detection and Response (XDR).

This new technology merges multiple prevention and detection technologies on a single platform to better understand threat signals so that you don’t need to purchase, integrate, and manage various control and integration technologies.

Think of XDR as prepackaged EDR, NTA, UEBA (and perhaps other prevention and detection) technologies all tightly integrated on a SOAR-like platform. Of course, you don’t need SOAR technology with XDR as the entire platform is integrated and orchestrated out of the box.

In Gartner’s recently published Top 9 Security and Risk Trends for 2020, XDR was listed first. Cybersecurity company Cynet just released an interesting XDR eBook [Download it here] that provides an excellent primer on this promising new technology.

According to Cynet, the expense and issues involved with combining multiple siloed control technologies usually make an effort not worth the effort. Logically, it makes sense, and it is critically needed, but it’s nearly impossible in practice.

One of the biggest issues with multiple, siloed security controls is alert overload. Because the…

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