[Video] A Chinese Intel competitor?

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  1. Not trying to be all pro China over here. But you said that it was made for a specific worktype. Would love to know how it performs at that work. The go get it attitude in China is amazing. And whatever way they made it the way it is, and why, is probably half the story. 😂😂

  2. HOLY SH*T Linus is doing Zhaoxin KX-6780A MATX video!!!!

    last-gen core code name WudaoKou 五道口 is a place in Beijing near Peking University and Tsinghua University;
    and LuJiaZui 陆家嘴 is the financial center of Shanghai, where Shanghai Center, Shanghai World Financial Center Jin Mao Tower and Oriental Pearl TV Tower are.

  3. Whats this social distancing crap. Common guys, That's like wearing a condom when you and you partner are both fixed. If one of you was sick, you wouldn't be at work. If you have it and can't tell, then oooooh scary virus huh.

  4. Linus doesnt even know the basics of csgo🤣🤣🤣 if u play offline u will get low fps as your cpu is also operating bots vs on official servers your cpu is only helping operating you and not other players…

  5. I wish that Anthony's points about relatively low power consumption, and the progress made by the company had been explored more. While the tech aint great right now, I would really love a more technical look at how this works, and how it's improving. Is it different from other CPUs in interesting ways on a techincal level? I'm really excited for this series of china made techs coming up. I love LTT videos that explore things that are outside of most people's periphery.

  6. What the Chinese government really wants is for the counterfeit market to produce enough clones of western technology by 2022 to supply its population. Weird thing is many Chinese people go out of their way to buy foreign brands for the quality and to avoid crappy counterfeit products.

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