[Video] AMD Laptops – Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER!

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[Video] AMD Laptops - Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! 1
[Video] AMD Laptops - Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! 2
[Video] AMD Laptops - Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! 3
[Video] AMD Laptops - Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! 4
[Video] AMD Laptops - Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! 5

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  1. Having a 2018 2nd Gen Ryzen envy x360 with Arch Linux, I'm amazed on the performance I get for gaming on this machine considering it basically has only 8GB RAM total (using 2GB VRAM and 6GB regular).

  2. For me personally amds CPU success is good news since they are also at least competitive in the gpu side as well compared to intel. Im a simple guy so i like to keep things in one brand instead of multiple brands so that each pc components can deliver a more efficient performance potential and synergized experience

  3. I bought ASUS vivobook S14 m433IA. I had to pay a little more because I had to buy from authorized importer and not from ASUS directly so there was taxes and stuff. If you people are looking for a premium metal build with AMD ryzen 5 4500u, 512 PCIe nvme SSD and 8gb ram check it out.

  4. i got the version with the 2500u… it was a driver nightmare for the graphics card, the cpu only stays at 2.4Ghz with constant crashes. But since they didn't change the gpu in it, the drivers should be stable now (it finally stop having constant crashes after 1 year)…. and as bad as before but much more expensive… the older version have a usable battery life of 3 hour Max…. i guess i shouldn't have been an early adopter of ryzen…

  5. I can say that this laptop is beast!
    I have been using it for over a month now (MKBHD style :D) and it's amazing in everything.
    I have Windows 10 along side with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 installed on it, and as usual the performance is much better on Linux compared to Windows
    Check this Geekbench5 score on Ubuntu
    Single: 1230

    Multi: 6115

    OpenCL: 11825

    So it's faster than the fastest score for the Macbook Pro 13" with Intel i7 (double the price :D)

    And of course it's much much faster than the XPS 13" with i7-1065g7


    One more test as I'm an Embedded Linux Engineer, it compiles the full Linux kernel for X86 from scratch in less than 3 minutes

    As a bonus, it also does that 😀

  6. For real. As a tech enthusiast I am really grateful to AMD. Intel, for so long, had been monopolising the chipset market. Now all we need is an alternative to Nvidia.

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