[Video] Are Walmart's $150 Laptops Shockingly Good… or Shockingly Bad?

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36 Comments on “[Video] Are Walmart's $150 Laptops Shockingly Good… or Shockingly Bad?”

  1. Sir, that is a very interesting review. It pleases me that you will bother to review such very very entry level equipment with the same effort as you review "high end" gear.

    So that lovely Laptop with the thrown in office 365 memberships and goody's is just 169 bucks….

    Sir, if you REALLY want to get into ULTRA LOW PRICE computing…….you can use a new $15 dollar wallmart smartphone and those new $5 VR headsets off ebay. They come with Bluetoothe Mice and Keyboards.

    This can give a surprisingly excellent computing experience…..new for 20 bucks

    It's excellent for Android gaming and all manner of general computing needs like WORD and video editing work. Even VIDEO CALLING etc.

    It's the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST WAY to get into a "totally acceptable" computing experience.

    The screen actually appears as 40 inches in the VR headset.

    Sir, best wishes, (please don't BEND the Laptops……..jesus wept)




  2. So after watching this I decided that I would buy one of these pieces of shit (the blue piece of shit) for myself just to use as a fuck around mobile writing pad that I didn't care about losing, and ho boy howdy leme tell ya. First one, Dead on arrival,
    Second one, Charger port was broken on arrival,
    Third one, no USB ports worked,
    Number 4 arrived today and seems to be holding it's ground, if you can consider spending 20-40 seconds to open gmail to be holding it's ground. Honest to god assessment, if you want something like this for 100$ more you can get a shit chromebook, or for 200$ more you can get an IPad, both are exponentially better and more worth your time.

  3. These abominations are somewhat usable brand new but they fall apart as soon as windows rot sets in, even if you manage to avoid updates which kill them almost immediately. I got a slightly higher model for my mom a while back and for the next year it only really worked at all when I was around to nuke all the microsoft horseradish that kept popping up or straight up re-enabling itself. I eventually replaced it with a $150 ARM powered Chromebook 2 in 1 that's quite snappy and I haven't had to touch since I set it up for her. There's absolutely no reason to ever get one of these dumpster fires for anyone.

  4. as a person who dive in cheap laptop. NOBODY SHOULD BUY AMD A SERIES AT ALL ESPECIALLY A4. If you want a cheap laptop please buy atleast Intel Celeron 4025u.

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