[Video] Faster Gaming for FREE – Hardware GPU Scheduling Explained

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  1. Wonder if the gains get better in the future! You should test it in like a year and see how much the improvement is. Also, great graphs! For a pure comparison test like this it's a lot more comprehensive and complete than basic value plotting

  2. I have a Dual Monitor Setup and a RTX 2070. There are games when i have to sit in a loby or wait sometime, in general i have YouTube open in the second monitor. If i enable GPU scheduling on windows, YouTube became unwatchable in the second monitor. It starts dropping frames like crazy. With GPU scheduling off, YT only drop frames when a game is loading, which i believe is expected.

  3. and i got only 10 fps in prince of persia forgotten sands in my pc i also love to play games but i can not do that because i do not have a gaming rig
    please tell me some another way so that i can play games in my potato pc

  4. ' Remember alt tab or running games in a window wasn't a thing ' Ummm yes it actually was. You could alt-tab in D2 for accelerated run boosting…then there are gamers like me who always play in windowed mode to see all those people who might be messaging , ya know like on ICQ/AIM/YIM/etc…

  5. Anyone else just press like now, once there is a title about what I want to see in Linus tech tips? This and some other channels, I just hit like because its pretty much a given that they would cover all the stuff I need or want to know.

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