[Video] Flight Sim 2020 will CRUSH Your Gaming Rig- WAN Show August 21, 2020

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23 Comments on “[Video] Flight Sim 2020 will CRUSH Your Gaming Rig- WAN Show August 21, 2020”

  1. It is interesting that I had ZERO issues with the installer. The ONLY issue I had was the lack of Premium Deluxe content at initial installation. That was rectified by 1700 CDT the next day. I am running an R5 3600 16GB ram and a 1660Ti runit in 1080p and see a minimum of 35fps ANYWHERE. The only airport that hits me with micro stutters is Tokyo, but that seems to be a global issue. Visual setting are high to OMG and it glides. SO how can I explain that? I dunno, lucky I guess.

  2. 1:02 00 Well duh.. Moore's law is not based on science. It never was. It teaches one that you can't simply observe something simplistic for a short period of time and extrapolate it so far in the future without looking at all the other variables. At best it was used as a self fulfilling prophecy for developers to try and keep up with it. So it worked the other way around! It was a scam, but if you don't wanna be so rude you can also call it a lie.

  3. Honestly, I have a msi GTX 970 and an Intel I7-4790K and I can run it comfortably on medium to high settings with about 25-30 fps, about 15-25 over cities like Paris, London or NYC.
    I built this PC back in 2014 and have no problem, I don't get all the fuss

  4. Why are people saying this about MSFS2020? I have an 8700k and 2080 super and its crazy smooth on high settings. You'd be completely fine with less than I have. That and for people who aren't used to flight sims….30fps is totally acceptable. Added to that the lifespan of these games are so long that future tech grows into the game. Same exact thing happened with FSX.

  5. i have z370 gaming plus
    i5 8400
    32g gskill trident
    gtx 1070

    can run the game between 40 and 70 fps on low settings but game started crashing all of a sudden after 20 min of gaming
    i tried all the tricks c++ reinstall, turn off game mode, turn on game mode, graphics drivers up to date.

    getting a new processor in 2 days going for the i7 8700k i hope it fixes the crashes cause this game is so close to getting a negative review

  6. You don't really need to run a flight sim in high FPS anyways if you're getting around at least 20 FPS you're fine a steady frame rate is better then a high frame rate on a flight sim. If you are into simulators Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 is a must have it's amazing flying over your home or town easily recognizing everything, and it will only get better with time with more accuracy and more planes.

  7. FB Oculus topic matters, I would not buy it because of that. As a dev I would not use it, as a gamer I would not use it..
    It matters because it is a d*** move. I am surprised that they managed to do that. Mb GDPR would protect us 😀
    ofc index is better 🙂

  8. FB/Oculus – people will sell their souls willingly for a good spec at a great deal. Which hopefully means someone will step up and fill the wireless headset sector to give us an alternative. That said my money is with Valve for my next headset.

  9. The whole performance argument is dumb. Have flight simmed for years XP11 and P3D both run like crap and dont look a 1/4 as great. Like P3D will melt your cpu in seconds.

  10. Be very careful around the worship of any company, especially youtube. Even if Linus and Luke are telling us all how much we should "respect" them and how much they love them. These are billion dollar companies without your personal best interests at heart and Linus and Luke have made careers on this platform. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE

  11. TBH< Flight Sim 20 is nowhere near as bad as crysis was when it comes to melting PCs
    I mean, crysis struggled to run at 15fps on top end hardware at maxed out settings, and could bring hardware made from generations after crysis was released,

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