[Video] For the first time in my life… I'm COOL! – DIY Air Conditioning Pt 2

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  1. At this point you should just stop calling him "Brian the Electrician", and start calling him Brian the Do-It-All Handyman.

    He will literally take on any home or office handywork, regardless of the difficulty or scale of the project.

  2. I think over the time you will regret this .Ceiling A/C on house and specially in attic need more often maintenance and check up and that's a big headache . You should go for 4 independent external wall units…

  3. Cutting over head is real fun if you cut Cable lines for fire detection in hundreds of years old walls at German castles and get all the old straw clay shit in your eyes. Electricians have a hard job.

  4. I feel Linus' pain.. I would gladly pay the low 20 000, but Linus can monetize this video and write some stuff as business expenses. When you do something like this yourself, there will be hundreds of little problems each of which you have to think through, while professional installers have the answers to those problems already, or they come up with solutions way quicker.

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