[Video] FREE performance for Ryzen!

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[Video] FREE performance for Ryzen! 1
[Video] FREE performance for Ryzen! 2
[Video] FREE performance for Ryzen! 3
[Video] FREE performance for Ryzen! 4

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  1. 1usmus has changed the name of this software: It's now called CTR – ClockTuner for Ryzen! We have also received updated guidance on ASUS motherboard LLC settings – It should now be 3 to better catch errors.

  2. 1usmus is a brilliant guy. It's amazing how much he gives to the community. People like him are honestly the pioneers of this field, loving what they do and helping others for free. Way to go!

  3. Look I love this channel but I think 90% of this dudes watchers cannot even dream of having any of the stuff shown here me included
    I love you man but where do all these computers go

  4. AMD: Hey Bro,seems like you're busy doing some stuffs..INTEL…no your not I'm just sleeping,Huh why,You're useless as a tortoise…AMD:I may not be a little bit slow in the past but cant wait to surpass you.INTEL...huh you're DREAMING.AMD:look how fast and efficient i was.I am the future.INTEL...you're dreaming.

  5. Hey linus is there a way that you can give a key for windows 10 i dont have a other computer to 10 download windows 10 and i dont have any more money please. Can everyone that see this like my comment.

  6. The most surprising thing is that AMD does not provide to 1usmus processors for tests – he buys them at its own expense. I repeat – to a person who has done so much to popularize AMD processors by overclocking memory and (now) a processor – Lisa Su's team cannot allocate processors. Bravo, Dmitry @1usmus Bubliy, shame on AMD.

  7. I don't know why whatever Anthony says sounds sooooo complicate..feel like the teacher that nobody wants to be the math teacher..or science teacher..or any teacher because even if you are good in that class, you won't understand it… don't missunderstand me i really belive his knowledge..just broken interfase between knowledge brain part and simplifying brain part..still thank you. After 3 times i saw is not for me ☺️

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