[Video] Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Showdown

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35 Comments on “[Video] Galaxy Buds Live vs Apple AirPods Showdown”

  1. I feel like the biggest draw of the Buds Live is definitely the shape. I can understand some growing pains getting ANC working with the open-air design and things like that. However, i think you get these because they're comfortable, sleek, and flat. If there is ANY earbud that's going to be completely painless and comfortable in bed or something, it's gonna be these- right? And i think if you buy these, that's what you buy them for. I know that's what i'll be buying them for- it's a better relief audio solution for when i'm tired from my larger headset, is going to stay in and be comfortable when talking or listening to music in bed, and is going to be comfortable and discreet with my Oculus Quest on, not gonna cause and discomfort, and is going to be an excellent solution for making sure my headset isn't in the way.

  2. How nice of Samsung to make them in the shape of kidneys…. it's nice to have a memory of two kidneys with you… you know.. like before you sold one of them for a Note 20 Ultra 🙂

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