[Video] Google Pixel 4a – $349? WHAT?!!

The new Google Pixel 4a supposedly comes in at $349. The Snapdragon 730, 5G, 6GB ram, 128GB Storagelook solid but this price tag combined with one of the BEST smartphone cameras on the market make this phone look EXTRA awesome

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38 Comments on “[Video] Google Pixel 4a – $349? WHAT?!!”

  1. Supposedly:
    $349 US Dollars
    Polycarbonate Build
    Rear Fingerprint Sensor
    Snapdragon 730
    5.81" Punch-hole 1080p
    Headphone Jack
    3140mAH Battery

    I think this phone is gonna crush.

    Do you??

  2. This does seem like it will be a great phone for the price. I love the physical fingerprint sensor and headphone jack being present along with the overall design. Don't know much about the 730 but I bet it will be perfectly fine for the average smartphone user.

  3. Assuming the cheaper Nord device coming to NA will be $400-450, I'll still get it over the 4a because of fast charging. I can't go back after owning the OP6 for two years.

  4. I feel like you been smoking some heavy hashish and nothing better to do so you made this video. your tripping dude you getting this excited over a phone company releasing their phone at a lower price you need to get out of the house no more. OK OK I'm just poken some fun at ya. thanks for the video. I'm just a first time caller long time listener.lol

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