[Video] Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade – Anthony

Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series! Anthony has been having trouble staying active since moving to BC, and especially since recent events force many of …


  1. AH, Antony, you are the best.
    At least one with a brain: RGB is nothing, it does not do a thing at all to help your system.

    If I want light, I just turn on my lights, period.

  2. I don't understand intel and tech tubers in general, on one hand they say flat out "Intel is in trouble" "They haven't innovated in years" and then they go ahead and take the intel sponsorships even though everyone knows intel dug their own grave when they kept doing all these anti-consumer tactics and pricing even after ryzen 3 came out… LTT is bipolar or something seriously

  3. Isn't there something wrong with the fan orientation? Looks like front fans are pushing air trough the front, while the CPU fan pulls air through the back in the opposite direction.

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