[Video] Intel's Giant Leak… – WAN Show August 7, 2020

Video starts at 5:16. There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit the first few minutes out of this due to some changes YouTube made to the live streaming system.

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  1. "All I want is a Pebble Time, but like modern"
    Exactly! Pebble is so versatile, such a shame that Fitbit doesn't release any successor to Pebble. In term of batter life, the closest to Pebble so far is Amazfit.

  2. What happened to his android install? I never use the calendar
    the alarm app lets me set any day of the week as easy as the time
    I use the alarm exclusively for reminders, with a few extra clicks I can set a one time+date in the alarm if I need it to be more than 1 week out without re-enabling the calendar program I literally never used

    I can also put certain apps notifications to the top, I only do this for text message tho, the rest get buried but luke could just set reminders to be the top if he dosnt already use that for other apps (he might)

  3. Linus talking about “Adult/Old Link” doesn’t seem that old just made me realize that Linus’s kids are closer to “Adult Link”s age than Linus is 😧

  4. the 512gb Note 9 with sd slot, is like the one I've been wanting to upgrade to. The note 20 only having 256 isn't going to net me that price drop, at all.

  5. Teslas are garbage cars, and they get away with too much crap like that. Opinion of the germans is the same. Crap cars that they convinced people are spaceships or something lmfao…

  6. Anyone who thinks any apps or businesses from China aren't malicious to other countries obviously knows nothing about China and their business philosophy. Let's not forget this is also the same country that forcefully took over Hong Kong, just saying. There is much other issues beyond this.

    TikTok and WeChat needs to be banned, period.

  7. I may not be your biggest fan, but I'm probably one of your tallest fans. Oh boy, it would be amazing to meet you one day to see what the height difference is like.

    Intel: we weren’t hacked, it was just partner info.

    Hacker: we scanned them with NMap and found…
    Me: yeah, that’s the definition of a hack.

    Sure it didn’t penetrate the internal network, but the fact Intel had an unsecured external database makes me shake my head. They should’ve at the very least stuck “Intel123” on the database to prevent random access.

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