[Video] I've Never Seen Anything Like This – Asetek Rad Card

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47 Comments on “[Video] I've Never Seen Anything Like This – Asetek Rad Card”

  1. If you missed having the look of having SLI/Crossfire in your rig, then this might be worth it. Also, it's sad to see that Alienwares are just Dells with a GPU thrown in if you know what I mean.

  2. It's not powder coated because it's the same internal tooling as just about every mid size tower Dell makes. Check out the Poweredge T40 SERVER — exact same metalwork.


  3. My ears get numb and I get headaches watching Linus shout in his videos.. Whoever is editing/mixing his videos please turn down the volume of his mic and make the sound more friendly/soothing to ears!

  4. Yeah it'll be great until something dies, and then you're screwed. Something like the IceGiant ProSiphon Elite would be a superior solution. No pump, no problem.

  5. Well, i dont get it whats the point of a pc smaller that a monitor. Just place it on the floor, and the size doesnt matter. Also, your occupying all the PCIe slots. What about a wireless card? Or maybe a 10 gig internet card? Depending on the job, you plan for the maschine, that may actuallty make sense…

  6. To be honest $200 isn't that bad, the problem is more of performance being marginal. Now consider that only the water block for 2080 super is going to be $100+, then you will need all the other things like pumps, pipes, reservoir, rads etc. and you will be spending way more than $200. Obviously, performance will be way more too. I guess the point being – somebody who buys crapWare pre-built PC are not into PC-DIY things and if they cannot just stick the parts into the case, they cannot be expected to fiddle with water loop. So for target audience in question this is not only suitable solution, but as well reasonable price.

  7. When you don't have enough air to support a GPU cooler, your first thought shouldn't be "let's add another one some place" but rather "let's make the case the size it already is anyway, due to the 2m² worth of pointless filler material we slapped onto it". But maybe that's just me…

  8. Good to see Dell is sticking with the "cheap metal box surrounded by fancy looking plastic" approach… Like seriously, these PCs have been basically the same for years just with different plastic bits stuck to the cheap ass frame on the inside.

    This is also why genuinely nice cases/prebuilt systems should cost more than something like this, and why Alienware's high pricing is so lame

  9. This case and general build looks so cheap and 2nd grade, I mean even the motherboard is an ugly dark blue, reminds me of the old Foxconn motherboards. Sure no one will ever see the insides but the plastics make that cheap plastic noise as well. That's a NOPE from me.

  10. I love this channel. It's funny, informative, interesting and a well put together "show". But by god Linus can be bloody irritating sometimes. Dragging the rubber underside of that unit across the table. Errrrrrrrrrr.

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