[Video] Lenovo Legion 7i Review

Lenovo Legion 7i Review – This should be Lenovo’s best gaming laptop. Gaming performance, build quality and thermal discussion.

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  1. The day I got my Asus Zenbook pro duo I realized I could never go back to one screen laptops anymore, I sacrificed some performance and I wanted this Lenovo before I made the purchase, but the 2nd screen for my kind of work as a developer is priceless by all means!

  2. You should try the legion 5Pi instead it's the 5i but with better performance and cooling system mine gets to maximum 82°C during 40 minutes of stress test with prime 95 blend test and an average of 60-70°C in gaming
    I have the i7 10875H and gtx 1660ti version
    it's so weird that their higher end product suffer from throatling that much but maybe it's because it's too fin mine is 4CM height

  3. I don't know if you'll see this, but I'd be so grateful for your advice. I have a lenovo y520 that I got from costco like two years ago and I love it. The keyboard and SSD are especially amazing. I don't game..but I love the speed. I do professional audio and I need a thunderbolt 3 port which it doesn't have, so I was looking at this legion7 lappy…or any nice laptop around 1500 that is like the one I have now but with that extra port and was wondering if you would recommend this or something else for that kinda thing. I also render videos too…so….very lost. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

  4. I liked the video because it's you, but I absolutely hated everything you just told me. Darn it. Had my heart set on this baby. Oh well, guess I'll wait for the next one.

  5. Actually it's totally possible to get two malfunctioning Lenovo computers in my experience. First I bought a laptop and later a desktop. Both had problems that Lenovo refused to fix during the warranty period. So I called my credit card company and asked to get a refund. After undertaking an investigation and getting no response from Lenovo the credit card company issued me a refund with the explanation that they did so because Lenovo was not responsive. Also my nephew decided to buy a Lenovo after I warned him about my problems. His Lenovo laptop computer lasted two years. Lenovo is also at or near the bottom of reliability in Consumer Reports user surveys.

  6. i hate that big companies doesnt solve the heating issue before selling their crappy shitty product to people. They scam people… just buy a pc instead no heating issues. and buy a crappy laptop for school or work..

  7. Well, my 7i is coming by 9/2. You don't know how pissed I am to hear about it throttling. I am hoping, as I don't HEAVY game, that my 7i will be fine… but wow…
    I am a little pissed with Linus's ShortCircuit 7i review… he mentioned NOTHING about the temps, other than… IT HAS A VAPOR CHAMBER!

  8. Looked at the 7i in person, didn't buy it because of that trashy plastic trackpad, which is the same one they put in the laptops that sell for half the price of the 7i
    Might just get the razer blade 15 base

  9. If a laptop is going to throttle, they should come with a lap/desk fan attachment, built specifically for that unit. I actually think this is a good design choice, like being able to choose a large high wattage adapter or a smaller size and wattage adapter to throw in your bag.

  10. I'm sure you could undervolt it and, if need be, apply better thermal paste but at that price premium the user should not have to do that. I would gladly trade off RGB for a properly undervolted laptop out of the box.

  11. Your observations about thermals do not match others observations here on youtube. Not that i disagree with you. I have had 3 now trying to get a good one. I actually think from my research the problem may be in Quality Assurance. Its not consistent. Please do more about this 7I issue the one i have is working well and yes the RGB is cool but it will wear off.

  12. For what it's worth I bought this machine with the 10750 and 2060, it's performing very well for me. It's making very little noise and the CPU is not throttling for long sessions of Valorant with the frame limiter off.

    I also use it under Linux for software development and the system worked out of the box there. Well done Lenovo!

  13. All your laptop videos are about gaming ones, could you please create videos for content creators, 3d artist , Adobe ,blender users? Maybe one video from budget to expensive laptops

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