[Video] Microsoft Surface Duo – An Early Look!

Early impressions of the Microsoft Surface Duo. The first double screen folding smartphone from Microsoft running Android. With each panel coming in at 4.8mm thin, this is a super thin smartphone when folded open.

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34 Comments on “[Video] Microsoft Surface Duo – An Early Look!”

  1. Really impressive
    Phones firstly issued for phone call thin it start to be for all kind of communications and later it turned to do all other thinks office, notetaking, gaming … etc
    So I think any cell phone should keep easy use for phone by 60-70% that way I like the Z flip and hope if could make calls without opening it

  2. This is a note killer. This is not meant to compete with other flagships but with the most premium products with productivity as its main selling point. Of course camera, the battery would a big disadvantage but for people like me who even blogs sometimes using phones, this is a dream phone right now barring price and availability.

  3. Samsung Galaxy fold,Zfold2 can be a daily, infinity display, oneui is,true folding ……surface duo cool software,but display,bezels,gap, as a small laptop,neo companion… folding a hinge,is now folding or closing or just a dual screen device…example:fold the laptop and bring the laptop to me…..close the laptop and bring the laptop to me…

  4. The one thing that could put a device like this over the top is a really good pen, essentially If Samsung did this design with the added S-Pen the note series has, it could be phenomenal.

  5. I am always surprised at how clear and objective your thoughts and ideas are, few people can express themselves that way. Your videos are one of the few that I don't see in 2x.

    Lew's videos, for example, if had 5x were better.

  6. Looks like a businessmen's device. I am pretty much sure they will not prioritize gaming or any other media consumption on this. This could be a phone where Excel, Outlook, Teams & PPT works well

  7. Hi dave. I think if the separate screen has edge screen (like smartphone with edge). We can minimize the bezel feel in the device. I think this idea can be used as soon as possible.

  8. Honestly, I want this but without cellular. This is the perfect daily-drive tablet for a non-serious workload. This feels, much like you said, closer to a small notebook. You bring it with you as an ereader, to play some offline games, take notes with a surface pen. It’s kinda perfect…

  9. Nothing is perfect, when keypad evolve to touch screen we wanted full screen, when screen to body ratio reaches over 90% we wanted flip screens, when flip screens mature I’m sure we will want another form factor… but what is the actual tool we really need? —> our brain 🧠

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