[Video] My Google Pixel 4a Review!

Dave2D review of the Google Pixel 4a. The cheapest android phone with an awesome camera.
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29 Comments on “[Video] My Google Pixel 4a Review!”

  1. The cheaper options have to be associated with the situation currently happening in the world. Someone who needs a phone is willing to shell out 350 easily compared to the 800.

  2. Google should just keep it as simple as possible to showcase their technology. A lot of people out there aren't interested in features they don't understand, and so Pixel 4a seems like the right way to go. Let other companies do performance.

  3. I had the same opinion that Pixel 4a will age the fastest. And frankly, I don’t even consider OnePlus. But between the Pixel 4a and iPhone SE the SE will last the longest with that beast of a processor and 5-6 years of software updates.

    But I came across another perspective offered by another viewer like I am. He said iPhone SE will start looking absolutely outdated in 2 years. It actually looks very outdated even now. And the battery on SE is borderline shit. The screen is decent, nothing to write home about. The camera is good, again nothing great. IP rating is good but it’s omission not a deal breaker. So for a person spending $350 on a phone, a switch to a new phone in maybe 3 years time, and maybe 2 for some aggressive buyers is very doable. And I think Pixel will be good by that time.

    Pixel offers a more modern design, better screen, better camera, more storage, more RAM, a bunch of useful software features (we all know SIRI sucks, big time) and Android flexibility, I think Pixel can be a perfect choice for a lot of people.

  4. I've been with Google phones since the Nexus S, and I personally love the idea of them hitting that midrange (350-700) price bracket. There has not been one time in the last 3-4 years of owning phones where I've thought to myself 'Wow I wish this phone was faster'. That might not be the case for everyone, but that is my experience.

    I would much rather see Google hone in on the other stuff that makes phones great. Camera quality, assistant, vanilla android, good screens (high refresh, PPI, AMOLED), waterproofing, etc. Those are the things I look for what I buy a phone. Not if it has an 865 vs a 730.

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