[Video] Note 20 Ultra – Let’s Talk

My early review on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra versus the Note 20.

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[Video] Note 20 Ultra - Let’s Talk 1
[Video] Note 20 Ultra - Let’s Talk 2
[Video] Note 20 Ultra - Let’s Talk 3
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43 Comments on “[Video] Note 20 Ultra – Let’s Talk”

  1. The camera bump is a huge deal breaker if one of your primary reason to purchase the phone is to draw on it. Ypu have to put on a thick case to even it out, which sucks. In the last 6-7 years I haven't used a phone case.

  2. Have you been using the 5G version? Can you do an update on battery life and heat? Have heard reports of overheating and poor battery life (+ draining whilst idle) – may be due to 5G chip as well as 120hz screen (+ Exynos processor for those outside of US).

  3. If people are only buying the Note or Galaxy S after their prices have dropped, then that is the perceived value of the phones. The launch asking price are then considered overpriced. There will be people who will buy at launch price and that's fine. Apple's iPhones maintain their pricing throughout the year. There are people who will buy the flagship at their asking price and that's fine too. But Apple is clear that their flagship isn't for everybody and they truly believe the value of their flagship is at their asking price, so they never drop it (not pushing sales). And there are more people buying Apple's flagship than there are people buying Samsung's flagship at launch price. That tells us that the perceived value of Apple products are much higher than Samsung. Samsung phones are perceived to cost way less than its asking price, only then people will start buying. Samsung allows that to happen because they know that if they don't. they wont sell their flagships. So yeah, the point is, Samsung flagships are all overpriced. Otherwise people will accept their pricing and Samsung doesn't have to keep lowering their prices to make a sale. I can't afford a flagship iPhone so I went for the XR. And it's worth every penny I spent on it. I'm not even looking at iPhone flagships, its not for me. Apple knows that too.

  4. Rather buy the Fold 2. Dunno why the Fold 2 doesn't have a pen stylus like the Note. It would make so much sense given the size of that thing. Either that or wait for Microsoft's Duo.

  5. Sorry but I disagree on the price. The OnePlus 8 pro is $900 and the camera is slightly worse and missing a pen. In what world would I not choose that over the ultra

  6. Hello Dave, thank you so much for the first impression, I was waiting for it from you. I have pre-booked it, currently using note 9. However, I am worried about the battery backup and heating issues! Is it good? Should I be worried about it? Please advise. Thank you.

  7. Is anyone going to talk about Samsung changing the location of the buttons compared to the old Note 10? Is anyone going to talk about the color which is not mystic bronze but rather PINK?

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