[Video] Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – The Big Problem.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, looks….Great! It’s Specs, Display, Cameras, battery and…


  1. I feel he is very nitpicking.
    Having many camera also complain
    Having 2 screen also complain
    And he keep praising Huawei.
    How much Huawei paid him 🤣
    I remembered when the first fold, he didn't complain and compare so much like this

  2. Mate X places the plastic screen on the outside where it's very easily damaged. All your complaints are irrelevant if your two thousand investment is damaged within a few days.

  3. I think. Huawei one I better. But I seen the sequare fold Samsung, I don't know its name I being used actively by normal comsumer by South Korea , how is better fold than this one?

  4. I'm still waiting for the year someone releases a compact flagship.. Compact means NOT OVER 6 INCHES! And flagship means DON'T GIVE IT A WOSRE SCREEN AND CAMERA THAN THE BIGGER MODEL!

  5. Hi. I think you're far more objective than the CNET people. What you may not have said but was probably right there at the tip of your tongue was "wait till Apple takes a crack at foldable phones once the company knows the market really needs or even wants it" 😏😁. At the moment, these are really novelties that don't do anything – not even for the brands producing them

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