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[Video] Silence your Gaming PC with THIS 1
[Video] Silence your Gaming PC with THIS 2
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  1. him saying water cooling was expensive and here I am on a custom water loop built from parts from China and got it for 125$ (Way better priced than a 240M AIO) all in and gaming with my GTX 2070 Super at just 58C max currently enjoying Horizon Zero Dawn on PC despite all the issues it has. If you know what your doing Custom water cooling is both inexpensive and easy I have been using a Custom water loop for 7 years now and you can buy pretty much every part from China and you don't need hard tubing specially if all your after is the better cooling performance the only thing I learned over the years is to stay away from water pumps from China as they will die very quickly so get one from a respectable brand like EK or XSPC.

  2. Honestly like beginning of this month I had the idea of Aftermarket GPU cooler occur to me as to why it's not a thing. Well apparently they are and the answer is because it's down right terrifying to install. Maybe if Coolerless GPU's became a trend this would take off.

  3. My Aorus GTX 1080 Ti XTREME ran 75°C hot at base TDP of 250W and with the power limit increased to 375W and temp limit incresed it throttled at 90°C both with the stock cooler.

    Installing Morpheus II Core Edition with 2x Noctua NF-F12 and Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut dropped the temps to 50°C at 250W load and 65°C at 375W load so to me it was all worth it.

  4. Maybe need better fan profiles. On my 1080ti I hit maybe 60c Max and it was silent. Used EK vardar RGB. Used a fan splitter so GPU still controlled fans and set a custom curve in afterburner. This will outperform any AIB GPU sound and temp wise so I think Linus undersold it a bit there. Also not one of my thermal pads fell off 🤷‍♂️

  5. I got an Arctic cooler like this for a 1070 Ti that had a bad set of fans… Similar size, now a formerly 2 slot card takes up like 5. I don't think anyone should ever be buying this for a new card

  6. I'm sorry. Normally I can stand listening to Linus be a dumbass, but this is a bit much. Sure, I don't make millions of dollars by pitching Glasswire or Hunny-whatthefuck, but I was able to not only get ALL thermal pads to stay on my MSI 1080 Aero, but my Morpheus II keeps temps below 65 degrees under max settings when the ambient temp in the room is around 80. That's significantly better that the stock FE cooler and it pretty close to water cooling temps.

    It's completely worth the $70 you pay for it and can add RGB goodness to the card if that option wasn't available before.

    Next time, try a little harder…

  7. I'm curious…would hybrid cooling have a better effect than pure water cooling? I feel like that the air in a water-cooled machine would still be really warm, and cooling the surrounding environment might lead to better performance.

  8. This is a really good solution too for micro ITX builds where water cooling is impossible. I've been using an Arctic air cooler with 120mm Be Quiet fans in my Node 202 build for a few years and it's been the quietest setups I've ever had with no compromise on space or thermal throttling.

  9. The main reasons i never bothered with custom cooling is that 1. I worry about vrm and ram cooling on the card 2. prefer a blower style cooler as my current 1070 blower style helps my cpu stay cooler by blowing out aal hot air. Im curious how much higher my 9900k temps are going to be when i am forced to but a aftermarket cooler with the 3xxx as blower style seems dead.

  10. Or just buy a CLC/AIO GPU cooler from EVGA and other manufacturers for ~£100/$135. That comes with a proper mounting kit, a 140mm radiator, and the housing includes a fan for the VRMs etc. Why wasn't this mentioned in the video?

  11. I recently did what you did sometime ago and cable tied 2x 120mm case fans on the the standard heat sink on my MSI RTX2070 Super Ventus GP and ahhhh silence is golden.

  12. Linus starts his segue to sponsorship –> I tap right arrow 4 times and arrive at the end of the LTT intro It's almost like you have that timing on purpose…

  13. I got a raijintek Morpheus II on my RTX 2070 w/ two Scythe kaze slim fans and its dead silent at 100% and my temps w/ 22C ambient temp never goes over 54C when playing CoD Warzone. Unigine heaven loop of 1hr maxed out at 59C. Thing is a beast!

    I did use my own thermal pad and separate set of ram heatsinks (cost me 10bucks for both on ebay) and the install was easy..

    But note that I did not have a reference 2070, I have a RTX 2070 Tri Frozr from MSI which I kept the midplate and backplate. and funny enough only possible to use the backplate because the spring loaded screw they used for their cooler fits the raijintek studs perfectly. so I ditched the backplate raijintek provided and used the screw and was able to use the backplate over that w/ no sag.

  14. After dealing with some kind of cooling solutions for my sff systems, I currently just remove the fans and add two Noctua 12×25 on the original heat sink. Works great for my Aorus 1080 ti and my Asrock Challenger RX 5700.
    Most interesting for my recent build (Asrock Challenger RX 5700 in a NCase M1):
    putting the 2 Noctua as exhaust on the graphic card, my Asrock B450 (NVME on the backside of the motherboard), temperatures went down about 10-15 degrees on the graphic card and the Samsung NVME from max 80 degrees down to 50). Using the original fan headers of the graphic card with an adapter, everything technically works like the original setup.

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