[Video] The Best Windows Laptop. Period.

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[Video] The Best Windows Laptop. Period. 1
[Video] The Best Windows Laptop. Period. 2
[Video] The Best Windows Laptop. Period. 3
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44 Comments on “[Video] The Best Windows Laptop. Period.”

  1. Come on Linus, you are praising the bezel less and thin screen and than complaining about the webcam? They can't break the rules of physics. A good camera module need space. Since there is none, well…

  2. From experiences around me, companies and consumers, I heard that Dell XPS's are not durable and break easily. That's why I've stayed away from them.
    On paper they always look good.

  3. As a developer, only thing that keeps me from getting this is MacOS, and that sucks.
    Linux isn't as refined and stable as MacOS, and Windows isn't even an option.

    Windows really needs to catch up. Only thing that keeps it alive is software support (gaming and some productivity/professional apps) and cheap laptops coming with it out of the box. Without those Windows would start to die out fast.

  4. It's really cool. You covered all the features to be required to be added in next version. I hope in next version we see graphene or solid state battery, touch on FHD+, thunderbolt with ryzen, best speakers than mac, illuminated logo, better camera.

  5. Doesn't matter how sleek they make that XPS. Dell has a long history of running their inspiron/xps line like a never ending development/beta project. You buy the laptop and they don't finish fixing all the bugs for 3 years, at which point, the battery swells up and breaks the internals.

    Seeing better results with HP Probook/Elitebooks in our environment.

  6. Feels a bit fanboy-ish to be honest… Nothing on fan noise, nothing on latency tests, nothing on sustained performance under heavy load, nothing on the crap maximum number of charge cycles of the battery, the quality control issues that plague the XPS line for many years,…

  7. Laptops that discharge during heavy use are a BIG no no for me. Not only is it annoying to not be able to use the laptop for as long as you want, its also very bad for the battery.

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