[Video] The Customer Isn't Always Right

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  1. Speaking of "Pretty Good". the price wasnt mentioned, or else I just simply missed it. But I bet this silly looking rig cost the Pharaoh SpendaShitTon the 1st roughyl 8,000 bucks if not more. 256 GB of Ram…lol And the thread ripper. T,;,T IT may actually be more like 12,000 dolllars USD

  2. I don't understand, why couldn't they have layered it? would have saved a lot of wasted space on the base of it, and on that note why not follow the design of the AZZA Pyrmaid but on a scale to accommodate for the larger mobo, going for angled edges would have been sleeker and super easy too, those piped columns are hideous imo.

  3. Everyone here trying to guess the client. My guess is there is no client, it's for them, because they keep referring to the client as annoying and in the wrong, I don't think they'd do that if it was for a real client

  4. Friend: So, what gaming setup you rockin'? I got a Core i9, 32 Gigs of Ram and a 2080 Ti.

    Customer: Uhh, i got a Illuminati Pyramid with a funny amount of RAM, a Whatever-Ripper CPU and like, 4 Quadros because Quad means four in some language, right?

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