[Video] The iPhone 12 is a tiny smartphone

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24 Comments on “[Video] The iPhone 12 is a tiny smartphone”

  1. That's actually what sets Apple apart from other brands for me now: they still make premium phones in a "small" size. I don't understand why people want phones which don't fit in pockets or weigh a lot…I hate anything that weighs more than 185g or is bigger than 6"

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  4. I think iPhone are gonna have 3 variants that would suit everyone. One small (4.9 inches / 12.45cm), one medium (6 inches / 15.24cm) and one large (6.5 inches / 16.51cm) so everyone can have the phone size that they feel comfortable using

  5. Bro I am not a big fan of iPhone either, but you as a runner of a 17 mio subscription channel you gotta act more professionally and stop being a funny clown. I know you were rejected by Apple but it doesn't mean you gotta start to act like that which makes you look like a clown in front of millions of potential viewers.

  6. Apple always try not to compete with the Android market but unconsciously they have been doing just that for a while now. Apple has always hated making large phones, it's the reason why they didn't change designe for a long time but they had to give in when large phones became THE THING, but now they have realised that they are Apple again and they have the market and they have the power to choose for their customers.

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