[Video] The NEW Alienware Gaming Laptop

My review of the best gaming laptop from Alienware. The M15 R3 for 2020 with the new vapor chamber and upgraded components.

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  1. got my m15 r1 still going strong. honestly as far as thermals are concerned, if you are a true enthusiast and tweak it, you can get great performance out of anything. So many complained about the thermals in the m15 r1 and maybe i just got lucky but out of the box, after undervolting and tweaking power limits and such, i was maxing out at 75-80 degrees under sustained gaming loads. I then liquid metaled it and my temps now are ridiculous. both cpu and gpu haven't seen 70+ in almost a year.

  2. Pure junk. This buttplug is shilling its looks. Haha. Google it and check all the one star reviews due to constant blue screening and crashes. Its garbage.

  3. I love your videos.
    I've watched almost each and every video that you have uploaded on your channel.
    I have only one request.
    Please can you do a video on your top picks for gaming laptops under 1100$ .

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