[Video] The NEW ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro!

The Asus Zenphone 7 Pro review is coming but these are my early thoughts on the device. It’s loaded with a TON of features including a 90 Hz AMOLED display and the flip out camera system.

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48 Comments on “[Video] The NEW ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro!”

  1. Where did you get that people were complaining about the IPS screen?? Don't repeat this marketing shit. On the contrary, it was the ONLY top hardware phone with IPS screen, with no PWM, no blue led degradation with consequent color shifting, no burn-in and crashing blacks. So, no, people were NOT complaining about beautiful HDR IPS screen of ZF6. And a 3.5 jack was there, now it's gone. Glad I bought the ZF6 before it's gone from the shelves.

  2. very nice video ,I appreciate your emphasis on price ,to some of us this is very important ,let's see how much it will cost .I have a Pocophone F1 ,very happy with the general balance between price and quality ,I may buy the PocoPhone F2 for my next phone but I will definitely be comparing prices .You didn't mention if this phone is 5G ?? This is becoming quite important now .

  3. I think there's no point in removing the headphone jack… This thing isn't waterproof anyway! The only merit in removing it is to cut costs, and how much is it to have it remain anyway?

  4. In now a days tech reviewer shows headphone jack is highlighted most important FEATURE of phones 😅 in old time 2-3 years before no one even notice about this important feature until its removed 😂
    Personally i liked wired headphone but companies are try to force people to buy new wireless products so they are removing headphone jack FEATURE 😅

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