[Video] The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

My review of this thing new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. 120 Hz Display, Snapdragon 865+, Wireless Dex, 5G Support. It’s ripe.

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35 Comments on “[Video] The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+”

  1. While the device looks amazing, I think the main problem is the PlayStore just sucks for tablets. I have tried Samsung tablets in the past, but I've never been able to adjust enough without longing looking at my iPad.

  2. Galaxy tablets sucks, stops receiving firmware update sooner than Apple, tends to get slowed down when the storage is getting fuller based on my experience with Galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition and Tab 7.

  3. i’m convinced that as apple works on silicon macs, they will implement mac like features to ipad os. I’m really hoping for movable windows soon!

  4. Thanks for pointing out the support. The only drawbacks they have are : Apps Support because officially google didn't make tablet anymore and length of software upgrade ( 2 – 3 years ). Others than that, this is a piece of great hardware.

  5. The reason this still falls flat is just purely down to software. Android devs have all but abandoned premium tablet apps, and despite the amount of effort Samsung has put into Dex, that doesn't even offer the kind of functionality found in ChromeOS. Watching this review made me again appreciate my Pixelbook, which has been filling a spot very similar to what iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard or this S7+ with the folio would offer… from all the way back in 2017.

  6. Android needs more devices like this to be able to compete software/apps. And honestly if they made chrome OS and Android tablet the same, that would greatly increase user base. I know Google tried and failed this, but that's more on the device having under performing hardware than the software.

  7. As an architect been using Samsung tablets since 2012 (galaxy note 12.2) 18 months before ipad pros came on market.
    They never leave my side.. phone, 3d modelling, 2d cad, sketching, markups, research… geez even do CFD on my TabS4..
    Never felt deprived of apps… but as Dave says , Samsung are shoddy on support… my Galaxy Note 12.2 was brilliant , way ahead of the rest.. but Samsung neglected it… no updates, dropped the large format and let Apple dominate the creative market… Finally they have come back into the large format.. … but the boat has already sailed…

  8. The Tab S7 is using a phone processor way inferior than what you get in an iPad Pro, there's no raw power here it's just a Samsung note 20 Ultra with a bigger screen.

  9. I think you’re missing the point of Dex. You don’t carry a KVM with you to use Dex, instead you would have a KVM at home and also one at the office. Then you just carry your phone between locations.

  10. The iPad Air 2 from 2014 is getting iOS 14 this fall. Stop saying “4 to 5 years sometimes.’ It’s now proven seven years of feature updates and even more of security patches. My dad is still rocking an iPad Air from 2013 which still gets security patches and app updates, and the device is still usable. Samsung is not even close. Their products will end up in the trash years sooner.

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