[Video] The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

My Full Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, including camera tests, battery tests, specs…

[Video] The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 1
[Video] The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 2
[Video] The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 3
[Video] The Truth about Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 4

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  1. Companies:
    Sell $2000 smartphone
    After 6 months sell $1500 smartphone
    Reviewers: perfect phone
    These reviewers are just disconnected from users.

  2. Just wish Samsung would watch your videos,and realise there not making there phones Equal in every part of the world,and they not as good as Apple when it comes making phones

  3. guy so lucky to get offered phones for reviews. and idk why im watching this, still in 2k debt with my Old ass spacer who can have 3 apps πŸ˜€ working and studying my ass off πŸ˜€

  4. I lived in an Exynos region but I don't want to buy the Exynos variant of the Note 20.

    So could I order the Snapdragon variant overseas and make it work in where I lived?

  5. The battery in my case isnt "just" bad. The battery is a joke, a bs, but that by side. That they chaned the speaker on the left side is one of the most annoying things. When I'm gaming or watching a video, I always cover it with my finger, using it while charging, there is just no way for me not to cover it. 😀

  6. I got one preordered. I enjoy it so far. Before I got a case for it I was worried because it felt so delicate I would break it. Besides that once I got a case on it its perfect. I got a scratch on the screen one day 2 I think so I do recommend getting a screen protector. I tried the panzer tempered glass but it was very bad. I suggest a uv set protector or plastic.

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