[Video] These Futuristic Shoes Let You "Feel" Sound

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20 Comments on “[Video] These Futuristic Shoes Let You "Feel" Sound”

  1. Hey Lew! I am Emmanuel from the Philippines. I am in need of a phone for my online class, it's actually my senior year. I hope that you could help me. I am always watching UT videos and joining your give aways but I am not lucky enough to win. I hope that you will notice this!

    Twitter: @emmanskiiie

  2. I can't imagine sitting down with these shoes on and using them. Without the weight of your body pressing down on the shoes it seems like it would just feel like someone put an electric toothbrush on my foot.

  3. my subwoofer is on the floor not too far from my feet , dont see how this beats that , cause that fucker shakes my whole flat when needed. interesting concept but i dont see any aplications for this what so ever, just feels like a fad of putting bluetooth speakers into everything because why the fuck not.

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