[Video] They still make MP3 players??

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[Video] They still make MP3 players?? 1
[Video] They still make MP3 players?? 2
[Video] They still make MP3 players?? 3
[Video] They still make MP3 players?? 4
[Video] They still make MP3 players?? 5

45 Comments on “[Video] They still make MP3 players??”

  1. These aren't MP3 players…well least the FiiO ones, it's a DAP.
    Also why not ? If you're an audiophile you would use one and want one….I myself am using one by Sony.
    Using phone to listen music is shit…..and most DAP now can act like a DAC / AMP as well for PC.

  2. FiiO M11 for just eu 520,-
    Seems like the audiophool scams are not yet out of this world.
    It's only missing the eu 1000,- charging cable.

  3. The prices are ridiculously expensive, considering the low capacity. I'm not a fan of Apple but the ipod is the only product that I admit that is the best portable player available, considering the capacity that offers.

  4. I'm still rocking a mp3 player while cycling and commuting to work. I don't want a big device like a smartphone but something compact I can clip on my belt. The best thing was the Sansa Clip+. Sadly my old one died and they don't make them anymore. 8GB + 32GB microSD was gold, especially for the price tag. Beside the size I like to be able to blindly skip tracks, adjust the volume, pause/play with physical hardware keys instead of a touch screen, even when its freezing cold and I'm wearing pretty hefty gloves.

  5. Buying a Music Player that runs android is stupid in my opinion. If you need a player, you better off getting the cheap stuff like Sansa Clip or Fiio X1 and stuff like that. Or if you really want to use headphones and stuff get a portable DAC, like Oppo HA-2 Among other ones for your phone. For swimming seems like those Sonys they showed off seemed like the thing to get. Personally I think it depends on your phone battery life and if it has or doesn't have a 3.5mm jack. ^^
    With my previous phone, when I went on a long trip. I did take my Fiio X1 with me. With my RoG Phone 2, I haz both 3.5mm jack and battery to spare. So I no longer need a MP3 player.

  6. We used MP3 devices to my father after he become blind..
    Its easier to interact with buttons and physical controls than using normal touchscreen devices.
    I suggest to make reviews about Audio and Voice Recorders which its the real replacment for MP3s like Sony and Olympus. Some of them help the visually challenged.

  7. That was a fun video!!!
    Suggestion: Can you make a video talking about RISC-V and gadgets already using it? Maybe your take on the pathway to RISC taking over x86?

  8. I personally have my iPod nano still and prefer it to listening through then from my iPhone for mp3 playback. Again I prefer to have my phone battery for use as a phone, browsing, email etc and leave my MP3 player battery for its purpose.

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