[Video] This is NOT a normal power supply… – ATX 12VO

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  1. I don't get why moving some of the circuits that step down the voltage (not every IC works with 12V) from power supply to the motherboard would be a good idea – It moves a lot of the responsibility of keeping everything stable to the motherboard (It costs less to fix/change just the power supply than the motherboard). Apart from that I think the key to solve the climate crisis is to focus on making our energy "greener" (solar panels, wind turbines, nuclear reactors), not on making our power consumption lower. I think we're not able (as humanity) to reduce it so easily.
    Those are only my personal thoughts on the topic.

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  3. Guess what?

    This is Intel trying to standardize what Dell and HP have been doing since the 4th gen (Optiplex and Prodesk/Elitedesk). The bad news is when this becomes the standard, your ATX PSU from 1997 won’t work with your new Core or Ryzen board.

  4. This makes a lot of sense. The the most power hungry parts, CPU and graphics card, already take 12V connectors and down convert the voltage. Look at your existing motherboard and you will see its already loaded with other voltage converters for other parts. Even your hard drive that is already taking 12V and 5V (3.3V pins also), has additional voltage converter circuitry on it. Just use one voltage from the power supply and make things simpler. Having separate 5V and 3.3V pins is just a waste. It may not increase the cost of the motherboard since the extra cost of 5V converters for the USB, etc. will be offset by having to deal with less pins from the power supply. Being someone who fixes power supplies and familiar with their circuitry, this will make power supplies significantly cheaper and more energy efficient. It would not be difficult to make adapters that convert existing power supplies to this standard, so it should not make old power supplies obsolete. I am rooting for widespread adoption of this standard.

  5. I got an older dell optiplex 3020 that uses this design. Its not great for adding any additional hardware to the system. You are stuck with 3 sata powers, and no pcie, and nothing else. I fount a dongle that converts it back to atx to add a gpu and real powersupply.

  6. Linus can you teach us how to clean mobo. Mine is quite an old mobo and maybe some tips could help. Just want it to look shiny and clean from dust

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