[Video] This New Smartphone is an ABSOLUTE BEAST

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23 Comments on “[Video] This New Smartphone is an ABSOLUTE BEAST”

  1. Every new phone is beast when you dont have to last a particular phone for atleast 3years and exhausting yourself before purchasing a new phone considering will you be able to use that phobe for 3years easily

  2. The main issue I found with the Red Magic, over say the ROG, is that their attachments do not work together. Nobody really talks about this in the reviews. The ROG is built where the dock, controller, etc. all can work at the same time. The case that comes with the ROG even leaves room to attach their cooling dock on the back. The Red Magic is slippery in the hand (at least the 5G version is) so gaming without a case is difficult. Yet the dock, which lets you charge at the bottom of the phone, doesn't work with any case on the phone. Just poor design on the accessories.

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