[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable

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[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable 1
[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable 2
[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable 3
[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable 4
[Video] Unboxing Apple's $129 "Luxury" Cable 5

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  1. Now introducing APPLE HOUSE you can buy a nice affordable home for 1 easy payment of $2,499,999.95 and you get half a bedroom and a kitchen that has 1/3 the cabinets of a hotel kitchen and you get a bathroom located inside your kitchen sink cabinet. Oh and that's not all you can buy attachments for the pre built in slots in the walls for more apple products like the 30+ apple stand mounts inside the walls

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