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A New Hacking Group Hitting Russian Companies With Ransomware

Russian Ransomware hack

As ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure continue to spike in recent months, cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a new entrant that has been actively trying to conduct multistage attacks on large corporate networks of medical labs, banks, manufacturers, and software developers in Russia.

The ransomware gang, codenamed “OldGremlin” and believed to be a Russian-speaking threat actor, has been linked to a series of campaigns at least since March, including a successful attack against a clinical diagnostics laboratory that occurred last month on August 11.

“The group has targeted only Russian companies so far, which was typical for many Russian-speaking adversaries, such as Silence and Cobalt, at the beginning of their criminal path,” Singaporean cybersecurity firm Group-IB said in a report published today and shared with The Hacker News.


“Using Russia as a testing ground, these groups then switched to other geographies to distance themselves from vicious actions of the victim country’s police and decrease the chances of ending behind the bars.”

OldGremlin’s modus operandi involves using custom backdoors — such as TinyNode and TinyPosh to download…

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