RM1/month 65” TV? Maxis expects you to return it after 24-months

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Maxis-65” Samsung 4K TV from RM1 mth only with Maxis Fibre

Recently, it was reported that Maxis charging just RM1/month for a 65″ TV, if you are a Maxis Postpaid (RM98 and above) user and you subscribe to a Maxis Fibre 500/800Mbps plan. For other lower speed plans, they have to pay RM79/month and there’s also an option for a 50″ TV.


The TVs that Maxis are offering include:

  • 50″ Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV: RRP: RM2,299
  • 65” Samsung Crystal UHD 4K TV: RRP: RM3,999
Zerolution TV Offer A Offer B Offer C (Maxis telesales channel)
 Eligible plan(s) Maxis Unlimited Postpaid and Fibre Maxis Fibre Maxis Unlimited Postpaid and Fibre
Samsung Smart TV Size 65” 50” 43”
TV Zerolution Fee Maxis Fibre 500/800Mbps RM1/month RM1/month RM1/month
Maxis Fibre 30/100/300Mbps RM79/month RM79/month RM1/month

Normally, based on standard industry practice, customers usually get to keep their device (example, wifi modem/smartphone) at the end of a contract.

But it seems that Maxis is expecting customers to return the 60″ and 50″ Samsung TVs, in good working order, at the end of the commitment period (24-months). The conditions are a little confusing though- customers can keep the TV if they pay the monthly fee of the TV for another 1 month (25th month)?

Here’s exactly what are mentioned in their terms and conditions:

  1. The TV Device is to be returned to us in good working order upon the expiry of the Commitment Period.
  2. In the event that the TV Device is not return to us upon the expiry of Commitment Period, this Plan(s) shall continue to be valid and effective for another one (1) month (“Extended Period”) wherein the TV Zerolution Fee shall continue to be payable to us. This Plan shall be terminated on the expiry of the Extended Period.
  3. Within the Extended Period:
    1. if you wish to terminate the Plan(s) and you return the TV Device to us in good working order, this Plan(s) shall be terminated and you shall not be liable to any TV Device non-return fee.
    2. if you wish to terminate the Plan(s) or when the Plan(s) is terminated but you failed to return the TV Device to us on the termination of the Plan, a TV Device non-return fee (as stated in the Registration Form) will be charged as compensation. Upon payment of the TV Device non-return fee by you to us, the TV Device shall be regarded as belonging to you.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, we are not obliged to accept the TV Device should you seek to return the TV Device after the Extended Period.

Full screenshot of the Maxis T&C here.

At the moment I won’t conclude that these are the final terms as Maxis is known to quietly make changes later – remember the Hotlink Truly Unlimited Internet plan that wasn’t really unlimited?

A 65″ 4K TV at RM1/month sounds like a good deal, even with contract, but only if Maxis is honest about it. Do check back their terms and conditions in a few days/week to see if Maxis had made any changes. Good luck.

This is a commentary

One Comment on “RM1/month 65” TV? Maxis expects you to return it after 24-months”

  1. What i understand about the return back policy, the actual contract are 23 months + 1month (extended contract). Within the extra 1month, if you wish to teminate and return the tv, there will no extra charge to you. But if you wish to keep the tv, you need to continue pay the monthly fees for extra 1 month (extended contract) and the tv will be yours for the rest of your life.

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