[Video] 14 MEGA Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

My Top 14 most miserable Smartphone fails of all time (Episode 4), from the Palm Phone, to MIUI…

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  1. I think with the Xiaomi ads it would be nice to have the option to pay extra to get rid of the ads. This way people can choose themself if the ads are worth saving some bucks.

  2. Xiaomi shouldve paid people to use the phone or made that into a gimmick… Give the phone away free and pay people either in data or dollars off their bill.
    People are dum. They like ads. People were probably mad that they just didnt say "its an ad phone".
    Phones will be free soon. They couldve been at the forefront of a new way to use a cell phone.
    Mark my words.

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  4. You should have added that Chris Hansen did an add read for the Escobar phone through some paid cameo site. Maybe not relevant to how crappy/fake it was, I just thought that was an interesting side note you may not have known.

  5. Xiaomi….ahhh yes…..with their MIUI skin layered on top of Android. SUCKS!!! I bought mine in China…and when I tried to download Google Play Store apps….nope. It simply will not do it. I guess there are some workarounds…but….really….the largest app vendor in the world…and I can't download anything? Add to that….I dropped it from a distance of about 6 inches and….craaaack….front glass shattered. Got the glass replaced in China for about $15.00 USD…and within a month…craaaack again…and this time I didn't drop it. This Xiaomi replaced an older one…which lost it's mind. So now I have two…and I hate both of them. In fact, I'm starting to hate all smartphones.

  6. As a photographer, hearing someone call the “colour filter camera” — which is actually a properly functioning infrared camera — “useless”, is upsetting. Many of us spend hundreds or thousands to modify our DSLR’s just to have the opportunity to take real infrared photos, instead of using software filters. This inaccurately-named feature on the phone is, in fact, a real infrared camera, and a great idea for a phone (for, admittedly, a smaller group of people).

  7. Major fire in Huawei factory, its estimated they can make smart phones for 6months, I also doubt Qualcomm will be successful. China is trying to develop high tech chips but no success. Huawei failing is a victory for the free world

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