[Video] $299 Xbox Series S – Let’s Talk

Thoughts on the $299 Xbox Series S from Microsoft. It’s such a well priced console but there’s some misunderstanding of what it really is.

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[Video] $299 Xbox Series S - Let's Talk 1
[Video] $299 Xbox Series S - Let's Talk 2
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47 Comments on “[Video] $299 Xbox Series S – Let’s Talk”

  1. Yeah Dave , This will launch in India with 40-50% more than its base price . Then they argue why lot of Indian don't buy console . This is the issue " Overpricing ".Same issue with New Laptops of any OEM ( Dell, Asus, Acer etc. ) they charge 40-60% extra than its US counterpart .

  2. I think Dave plays his console on a laptop, that’s why he doesn’t understand the whole point of console manufacturers switching to higher resolution. The TV is a gigantic screen that will always look the best with a higher resolution. You stream apps like Netflix which again look better in 4K. So yeah unless you’re playing your console on laptop with a 15 inch screen, resolution won’t matter.

  3. 4K monitors are still uncommon however 4K TVs are getting in reach … hence 4K tv gaming may turn some of fans into consoles …that’s what Sony and Xbox are betting on

  4. Series S is made for budget gamers that going to use game pass cause theyre too cheap to buy games.
    Series X is made for me cause i buy physical only and we need a disc drive so ill eat that extra cost.

  5. Probably going to attract some opposing opinions, but the lack of a disc drive kinda bums me out about the Series S. I'd be all over it otherwise, because you've nailed it here Dave.

  6. The reason they were going after 4k with the ps4 pro and xbox one x was because of more people buying 4k tvs, and they could only upgrade the graphics portion, not the cpu or storage at the time so it was the only option they had to upgarde mid generation.

  7. If you want people watching your content who actually seriously buys things to take you seriously then you can't be apologizing for heaps of shit like this.

  8. resolution never matter to me in gaming. i still have a great time playing in 960×540 resolution on my pc.
    What Really matters to me is performance and overall smoothness of the gameplay.

    so i agree, i think this approach that is less resolution focused is good

  9. Bro I’m so grateful for this console this is great this is all I wanted to for Microsoft especially being a Xbox player for 10 years now it will be so refreshing to see some new things and having 120 FPS and 1080p is great resolution are just add one to make people by tha game that’s his Sony gets people to buy tha console mostly

  10. I'd say series S it's the way to start next gen, just because games won't start improving until 3-4 years later and by that time, you can actually get a better console with more tweaks and maybe performance

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