[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come.

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[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come. 1
[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come. 2
[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come. 3
[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come. 4

22 Comments on “[Video] Apple’s Reckoning Has Come.”

  1. Also "wants to keep your apple product working"
    Yeah I think Rossmann has proved on several occasions that Apple are directly trying to make your Apple products die off quicker, to make you spend more money on 'new products', and don't ask question, buy new products!

  2. I feel like Epic could've just made an open letter that would rally other developers, and really put Apple on the spot. Because unfortunately for Epic, at the end of the day the broke the rules that they agreed to, and it puts them in a disadvantage.

  3. Linus PLZ HELP ME OUT I would love for you to try to fix my motherboard like it would really mean a lot it’s a rog strix z490 and the puns are screwed and I’m saving money for a car so if there’s anything you can do let me know

  4. I hate Epic games, and will never go on their platform. But I do hope they win against Google and Apple, because they are the kind of horrible, whom you can't avoid, or are forced to interact with. Having their walled garden being breached, would be good news. Also points out Google/Apple hilarious woke double standards.

  5. Lol, they managed to get TikTok on to the app store despite it's known sketchy behaviour… I don't wanna imagine how much worse these apps would get without the Apple gatekeeping 🙄

  6. Epic's argument is bunk. If someone wants to be able to side load apps to their device, Apple can simply say "If that's a feature you're looking for, our competitors offer that functionality. No one is forcing you to buy or deploy on our products." Because you CAN do that through Android.

    If Epic wants to provide a version that can be side loaded that utilizes direct payments, they can't simply "side step" the contract they've signed, while simultaneously utilizing the App ecosystem Google and Apple have developed for App developers to use, free of any reoccurring costs. That's not the way these things work.

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