[Video] Did Samsung Fail Me Again? – Note 20 Ultra Review

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  1. I still feel like the punch hole is the best solution compared to notches and popup cameras so I really don't agree with that it is presented as such a negative con. Maybe next year it will be under display, we'll see.

  2. When phones have higher screen Hz than my Alienware with a 1070 GPU lol
    That is a big bump but I do like the zoom; I hope it also does well for very close pics too 🙂 like pics of bugs (random, ik)

  3. Hey Linus, why can't you just slap on your sponsor's skin for your Note 9 (Maybe with a custom LTT Logo) and hide the cracks and scratches, instead of hiding the Best Bronze Coloured – matte finished – Gorilla Glass Victus on the Note 20 Ultra, which you would most probably never use again?

  4. Got a Note 9 as an Apple Newton phone. If the MS Duo version 2 or 3 shows reasonable improvement with expandable storage and a place for a pen, I'll have a Duo as an Apple Newton phone. Especially if Samsung starts playing the same games with all phones it does with the Exynos vs. Qualcomm processors.

  5. Drop the phone on the sidewalk from texting level. The gorilla glass never works. According to their yearly marketing statements it should be 10000% stronger than when they started. Maybe it works on a finished floor.

  6. Did they fail you?
    Yes, yes they did. And I haven't seen the review yet.

    Also they failed everyone else again by fucking over ever single eurpean buyer yet again, good one Samsung. Guess I have to start looking for a new brand of smartphone next time I change mine.

  7. So called "8k" video capability is a joke and completely useless.
    I'm an Android user, but if I really had to buy a flagship phone, I would take an Iphone 12 Max.

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