[Video] Do you have a SLOW PC?! – ROG Rig Reboot 2020 Announcement!

Thanks to ASUS ROG for sponsoring this video series! Enter at for your chance to build a new computer with Linus. Video …


  1. 1 winner from B.C.: understandable
    2 Winners Building via Video Call: OK
    Must Live in US or Canada: WOOOOW UNREASONABLE

    Surely A Video Call PC Build Could Be Done By Anyone That has A Internet Connection and A Webcam
    It gives me the impression that ASUS/ ROG or LMG can't be bothered to include the rest of the world
    After last year where there was a winner for outside north america, I thought ASUS/ ROG does want to grow the company image outside north america.

  2. I wonder why on earth it's NA only. If it's being done remotely surely that makes it easier in some ways to do it with the rest of the world. Surely shipping the components isn't that much of an issue?

  3. I'm neither in USA/Canada, nor do I have a functional computer to make a video on, but atleast I get to see someone else be happy.
    I really would like to have a brand new computer that is powerful enough for a few years.
    I really hope one of the winners is as funny as the read-head girl that almost broke Linus

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