[Video] Don't spend too much on computers!

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  1. Can someone tell me why he. didn't go with ryzen and get a b550 mother board that supports 4th gen pcie get a pcie 4th gen m.2 ssd…It would have been more bang for the buck..Like a ryzen 5 3600

  2. Linus, I remember that video you referred to needing to install additional USB controllers, but did you at least first uncover all of Windows' hidden USB power options and try disabling USB selective suspend and power saving functions, etc? They can sometimes contribute to certain types of stutter and latency issues.

  3. Tech that installed that lower case screw "CROSS THREADS BETTER THEN NO THREAD!". Hey If you guys build PC's leme know. Looking for one for my daughter for Christmas. Just needs to play Minecraft lmao. What ya got for me? I'm in Northern BC. Willing to pay lmao. Who do i talk to. Would love to have an LTT build in the house.

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