[Video] Here's why I Didn't Buy a Tesla

Thanks to DJI for sponsoring today’s video! Check out the Mavic Air 2 drone that we used for those amazing aerial shots at Everyone keeps …

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  1. I like technology and Elon is my god but
    1) Want a car, not a driving iphone (there are ev's without fablets out there but prices start at 130k $ + import)
    2) Price… Can get a rusty old diesel (with AC, electric windows etc.) for 700$ or a good car for 4.000. And those cars will drive 300.000 miles+ An used ev with half-dead battery won't.
    3) Need to buy a garage first (or wait 10-20 years for public outlets on every parking spot to be a thing). Very low availability and very high price in my area.

  2. Linus: why I Didn't Buy a Tesla
    Me: why?
    Linus: I bought a Chevrolet Volt
    Me: But the car was too expensive, slow and now discontinued.
    Linus: I bought a second hand for a fairly cheap price and almost like new condition. Plus, I got sponsorship for a video about my new car.

    Me: Oh.. ok then. (god damn, linus. You did it again lol)

  3. Any tech lover knows Tesla is mostly full of gimmicks. And tech lovers know a car is about… driving (duh) so you need to suite it for your driving experience, not to show your friends its novelty features.
    I think those "tech" things are mostly meant to impress the average potential buyer and they seem to really work. Tesla needs them to make the car look like the absolute future because their car are still really expensive. But other brands who just want to be the first little step towards the future, can offer an overall better experience, IMHO.

  4. man, that was one of your best videos in terms of cinematography, scripting and directing. it felt as good as one of the car reviews in Clarkson rebooted first seasons of Top Gear, but being sensitive to the majority of consumers and with none of the inappropiate jokes. great job!

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