[Video] Huawei is replacing Android.

Huawei has officially announced that they will be phasing out Android in favour of Harmony OS in…

[Video] Huawei is replacing Android. 1
[Video] Huawei is replacing Android. 2
[Video] Huawei is replacing Android. 3
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  1. Hi, im just new here and seeking for an answer about harmony os. Thus this harmony os may installed in smart phones published mid 2020 like nova 7 5g. Or this harmony os built-in in the hardware for newest phone by huawei?

  2. still think the US ban was political.
    Though they've had trust issues with the consumer , I sometimes think that all this was done to eliminate competition , I mean huawei was on the blink taking over the smartphone world they had premium phones with the latest software and hardware . At least they kind of showed the world where the smartphone market was headed

  3. If US can stop non-American company to have business deals with Huawei because of US-tech. Nobody will want to develop tech in the US anymore as they can't sell products elsewhere just by one signature of the president.

  4. I personally think… This is exactly when Android as an OS just started off in a decade ago… Everyone doubted the android back then. Human as a species will always be the same, afraid to step out of their comfort zone… Everything in this world be it tech, lifestyle, fashions etc will always have these 5 phases… Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards… Really now… Give Harmony OS time (I know time is not their friend now), but at least a chance. And please, sometimes stop with the inferiority complex… Cant we all just put differences aside and grow together?? Underneath the skin, everyone is bleeding red… So please… Also no hate, just my opinion…

  5. hi bro
    i have a doubt , please reply if you know the answer
    if harmony os comes into existence, will the present mobile phones which are working on huwaei mobile services be given the chance to use harmony os ? or only the new mobile phones will be getting the chance to use harmony os?

  6. I hope u won't mind being spied upon while using the harmony OS, u didn't talk about the safety of the users or buyers of the phone. U just start praising Huawei. This about how dangerous it can be to be using Huawei products. To be truthful Huawei products are great, durable. The only issue is our safety, once we keep buying their products, we might be voluntarily selling our freedom.

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