[Video] I Noticed Something About The Pixel 5

Thoughts on the Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G models

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44 Comments on “[Video] I Noticed Something About The Pixel 5”

  1. Was the objective really to make money? I thought the objective was to showcase Android, to say that this is THE Android phone.

    Also Google was the only one that was providing the most stock Android phone in an attempt to sway iPhone users.

    Google doesn't care about the upfront money, they just want more user data. And on Android, they can get all the data they want.

  2. I went from an LG G7 to a Pixel 4a. And while some"premium" features were lost, I never looked back to the G7 after the switch. As you stated, Pixels should be about the software and cameras. And even though the chip is lesser compared to what a 2 year old G7 had, the 4a feels soooooo much smoother, and works a lot better. And at these price points…yeah, Google seems to finally be getting it right.

  3. Goggle is setting a new bar for premium mid-ranger phones with their clean vanilla software and with great haptics its a complete package and a win win situation if they price it aggressively ❤️..luv from India

  4. I don't know why but your videos look a bit dull, I meant technically, just try to adjust the exposure or something. The light profile in your profile picture is actually a good one for your studio.

  5. Google just can't make uo their mind and I am talking almost about all there product. A lot people want the pixel but looking at the ram and backed off and stuff like that. And they do cuts in ram speed and other components speeds well it doesn't feel as premium as Apple with their stupid high price and yet don't check all the check boxes and features for let's say gaming. I feel the day they forgo the picture full quality google photos is when they lost lots of interest and the differentiator between their phone and others well at the same time don't have the most compelling product even in software. I am not a huge fan of their version of the stock interface, much prefer some of the other versions.

  6. Got the 3a. Very excited about the 5. Please do not let me down this time Google. No stupid battery issue. No low-brightness issue. Just make a solid, great experience phone and I'll buy it.

  7. My prediction : Pixel 4a XL and Pixel 5 are going to flop badly for 2 reasons :
    1. Discontinuation of the Pixel 4 – I mean imagine if you bought a Pixel 4 and suddenly after a year Google announces that it's going to discontinue the product.. It won't have any real impact i.e you will still be getting the software updates and all… But in a buyer's perspective you feel cheated… The value of the phone goes down. This move by google actually lowers the buyers confidence.
    2. Change of Strategy – It's good that Google are trying out new waters but they are doing it at the expense of the users. Imagine you bought a Pixel 4 just for the camera, software etc. Now you see that Google itself is releasing a much much cheaper phone with the same camera and software.. For non Pixel users planning to jump to a Pixel it's a good thing but not for existing users. Also the fact that Google is going to have an even tougher competition as compared to when they were pricing it for a flagship market. Chinese phones such as OnePlus and Xiaomi have already taken hold of the mid range smartphone brackets( Though I agree that Google has something that no other smartphone company has i.e software. Thus we have to wait and watch how Googles strategy pans out.) P.S : I do not own a Pixel device:)

  8. When i buy a phone, i honestly dont care of the processor, it should be fast and powerful enough (which the 700 series already is), but more importantly i want the software to be good. i wont feel the 1 sec late app opening but i will see those crappy adds, the wierd look af a chinese oem. And those $300 phones compromises the rest so much that kind of ruin the experience. Like i cant even play HD videos on Netflix on the pocophone f1. thats an abosolute dealbreaker for me. I think this is a really smart move by google.
    But, at the same time what concerns me is the fact that previous pixel phones, even with their super high-end chips, had performance issues, best of luck with this one.

  9. I like to play top games on my phone and high fps and high end chips definitely makes a difference in graphics and overall experience, thats why I want a high end phone, but I feel many people don't need it especially when consoles are becoming cheaper, so I think it's a smart move from Google

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