[Video] Is this $40 card a SCAM?

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[Video] Is this $40 card a SCAM? 1
[Video] Is this $40 card a SCAM? 2
[Video] Is this $40 card a SCAM? 3
[Video] Is this $40 card a SCAM? 4

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  1. Q.PLEASE ANS PERIOD Rtx 2060 vs quadro p 600 which laptop should I buy.After visiting Auto desk site, different highend software's have their"Tested GPUs" but not a single rtx ,gtx have listed. Rtx2060 is cheaper then quadro p600 .

  2. LOL they even changed the colour and angle of the caps to make it look pretty – 100% to fill slots for a e s t h e t i c s. Would have like to see the usually horrible front audio ports tried tho.

  3. Linus hook up the onboard audio to an aux connection on a basic amp and then listen for the hummmm. Personally i just use a ground loop isolator on the RCA cables that i purchased from a car audio shop for $15. Just connect the grounds up to a free Ground on your powerbar or wall socket.

  4. I was waiting for the test where you recorded audio using the machine, then played back the audio – In the past I've worked on systems that suffered with input hiss rather than output hiss.

  5. they probably thought about reducing the ripple voltage would work like its gets the voltage input changes the ripple voltage and throw it in a output which isnt a bad idea like i did this on my speakers adding a circuit to reduce the ripple voltage and my sound was actually clearer but i dont see how this would work on a pc unless its built on into the motherboard

    oh and that sound the speaker makes we just call it resonance im finishing my electrical engineering this year XD

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