[Video] I've wanted this for years..

Thanks to ASUS TUF and Crucial for sponsoring this video! Check out the TUF 3080 at or TUF 3080 OC edition at …


  1. Even if all this is free, how do you talk your walk into allowing you to do this? Asking so I can get the wife to allow me to do it.

    Yes your wife is trying to off you by allowing this. Wonder what your kids think about this? "Mommy, why does daddy do these crazy things?"

  2. Not the best Ad for ASUS during these difficult times … pure BS, wtf !!! … you'd rather spend your money or Other's money WISELY, for better & interesting content … I don't know, may be like … in a World where money matters

  3. @LinusTechTips could u do a benchmark on ASUS 3090 TUF gaming vs AORUS 3090 xTreme Edition… cuz I think those are the most successful cards of this gen. since i can afford only one i really want to check which is better.

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