[Video] New 48-inch Massive OLED Desk Setup

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31 Comments on “[Video] New 48-inch Massive OLED Desk Setup”

  1. Look at this, it's basically 4 24 inch 1080p monitors with no bezel, the 43 inch monitors are 4 21.5 inch 1080p monitors. That is some real estate. so when browsing the web having 4 actual tabs open at the same time being fully readable, and as one big display, just make sure it's far enough back to be comfortable.

  2. 👆😉👇Boa noite pessoal, eu tô tentando crescer no YouTube.

    você pode assistir um vídeo no meu canal e me dizer o que eu posso melhorar, pra trazer um conteúdo melhor.👆✌️🍂🍂🍂🍂

  3. Get a thunderbolt input/output box and connect the display, mouse and keyboard to it….then plug the laptop via thunderbolt everything will be run from the box…close the laptop up and get going.

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