[Video] NVIDIA CONFIRMS Your PSU Can't Handle RTX 3000 – WAN Show August 28, 2020

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33 Comments on “[Video] NVIDIA CONFIRMS Your PSU Can't Handle RTX 3000 – WAN Show August 28, 2020”

  1. 38:27 – You can thank Amazon and other huge companies buying up all these damn GPU's for their datacenters to build giant GPU farms/GPU compute clusters. You'd think supply and demand would force the cards to be cheap as hell right now,…..they probably would be, if the manufacturers could keep up. And you'd think Covid would have knocked things back a ton, but these big companies are exploding right now, so they are buying even more GPU's, even if normal people aren't as much. It really sucks. And as far as Nvidia's 3000 series cards go, I'll be shocked if their numbers are actually true, because if they are….in this climate….it's hard to imagine them charging less than half the price for something that beats the 2080Ti. Guess we'll see when actual benchmarks happen on those cards….

  2. lol i read about the 12pin connectors about a week ago
    but didnt put 2 and 2 together after the release of prices until the title of this video
    why is nvidia dropping release price?
    lol its not cuz they love u or hate amd…. shady shady

  3. All your talk about cross play and freedom and pro consumer and what not is why I hate fortnite. Epic is absolutely positively the most anti consumer company in the world. Use your brains people, epic is trying to just make it so they also can have their own mobile store. They will then again ruin it like they are attempting to ruin the pc market place. They fact they are crying about monopoly when they are buying exclusives on pc. If none of this bothers you, what is wrong with you? Please boycott the epic store and force them to stop this nonsense. Play fortnite I don't care but don't buy stuff from them. Force them to only survive on unreal. End epic's reign of terror.

  4. Apple has never removed apps that are already installed on the iPhone.

    Linus, come on! Luke, you should not be this disingenuous nor should you be pushing disinformation by saying the situation with Apple is in worst violation than Microsoft. Lmao Please, educate yourself before speaking on topics on anti-trust. I can't help but see how ignorant LTT actually on so many things related to technology. You already have a company trying to mobilize kids to "fight against 1984."

  5. Love the mag clip for his Antlion headset mic on the left headset ear can. It just hangs out there all the time in every episode. I like that mic… He should try it in the episodes.

  6. "We are not a monopoly " removes multiple apps from the only way to install them in the phone and forcefully uninstall the app from phones.

    At least there is no problem for most users because most people use android

  7. If it costs 30% in order to make Apple to pay their employees who have to check each new release of an app for stability and security – I'm, as a consumer, am fully for it. Apple has to charge some money to keep their platform safe.

  8. large market share does not equal monopoly in regards to apple vs epic. its like store brand products vs selling name brand, no one gets mad that a grocery store can sell their soda for pennies compared to pepsi or coke or something

  9. The story Russia, Tesla and the FBI would make a good movie. Depending on if we ever get details you might have to gazz it up a bit but…. could be cool.Though anything "could be cool" i guess.

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