[Video] Nvidia, you PROMISED!

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  1. Team Red is the under-dog yet once again, but I still believe this is the year where the tide starts to shift towards the other end of the scale… my hunch is that Big Navi is going to surprise a lot of people and perform way better than expected!

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  3. 6:38 What is this outright contradiction in the span of a few seconds? "As it turns out, dumping heat directly into your CPU and RAM makes them run hotter! [referring to RTX 3080] .. you can see system thermals climbing by 10 degrees .. across the board"

    Then directly atfer: ".. though, when we ran the same test with a FE 2080 Ti we actually got even worse results, indicating that the more efficient system air flow that nVidia boasted about for their cooler actually managed to extend to the rest of the system as well, so good job guys!"


  4. The fact that NVIDIA apparently hasn't decided whether to support SR-IOV yet but apparently can on a whim, makes me feel like some russian or chinese will make a BIOS hack to enable it in the future anyway.

  5. They also promised available on the 17th yet havenโ€™t made enough clearly, no custom either. What is the point, imagine if apple or Samsung maybe Sony and Microsoft did this! Why not just wait until sufficient stock? Yes Covid, we all know and all sure could of waited. May just buy the Amd 6000 just to spite.

  6. Great job, team Linus! I didn't expect so many productivity tests and it surprised me how great the difference between the AMD and nVidia architecture is. Unsurprisingly, the nVidia cards trounced the single Radeon in many cases, but there were also cases where AMD offered better performance per dollar, or even got a decisive victory. And in case of Siemens NX the lone AMD card had better score than the three competitors combined.

    I don't see these benchmarks very often, and while I don't use most of the applications, it was much deeper than I expected of you. Yet, I guess you were still very comprehensible for the casuals who may be a fairly large part of the crowd of your subscribers.

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  8. So, basically it is a rtx 2080ti (super)overclocked. Why? because of it' draw power ,100w more. We all remember i7 6700k vs 7700k. Here is the same. This new card has to be better than the old card but with same amount of power draw. But it's draw power is huge even compared with 2080ti. Not saying about 2080 ,the card to replace. I hope Linus can explain that

  9. This kinda crap makes me not wanna switch back to team green…Yeah it looks great on the surface, but bloody hell you're just taking a massive dump on your deep pocket customers…weather or not it's a good move…time will tell.

  10. So Nvidia released a card that can double performance compared to last gen on a technology they develop and no one else have at the moment. I am too the best version on myself and everyone else it's worse at be myself.

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