[Video] RTX 3080 – Can it Run CRYSIS (Remastered)??

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21 Comments on “[Video] RTX 3080 – Can it Run CRYSIS (Remastered)??”

  1. Great, i can see it is actually like the original crysis and not like console version of it. That is 1 thing i was worried about. Console version was more like crysis 2 with crysis 1 maps. I will definitely be playing this.

    Does it have multiplayer mode? Original crysis servers were closed so thats what i would hope for also.

  2. I really hope Crytek aren't just throwing out an extremely unoptimized remaster of a game with every single function set to TRUE just so they can remaster the "Can it run Crysis?" meme. Literally anyone can create an unoptimized hunk of ass and come up with a statement similar to that.

  3. finally i bought a 1660 super.. i can run crysys 50fps in all very high aa8x 1080p… i cant achieve 75fps to my 75hz monitor…. impressive crysis.. this with starcraft my favoryte games..

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